Advanced Environmental Design creates conceptual designs

by Aminah Khan, Staff Writer and Photographer

Clint Walter, guidance counselor at Fountain Valley High School gives a recap of the second time he has participated in the staff selected conceptual office redesign.

This contest has become an annual event in Kerry Doll’s Advanced Environmental Design class here at Fountain Valley High School. This year, the contest took place during late December.

As a second time participant in this contest, Walters explains the designing process.

“[Students] interviewed me initially about my likes and dislikes in my office,” he said.

Walters also shared details about the creation of their designs and how the students prepared for it. .

“The student came multiple times, multiple visits to measure the dimensions of my office, the dimensions of my furniture, the decor,” he said.

The students presented their final products for their conceptual designs to Walters when they were completed. He provided feedback, and although not every design personally fitted him, he still appreciated the design itself and the work that went into it.

“Near the end of the project, I was invited into the Advanced Environmental Design class. There was a visual and oral presentation and I gave them some input and a grade. One student over another adhered to my personal likes and dislikes more than the other one but even the other design was nice,” Walters said.

Needless to say, both students did a good job in creating a conceptual design that impressed the staff.

Phoebe Minch (’20) poses for a quick shot before her Varsity match. Photo by Aminah Khan.

Freshmen of FV: Phoebe Minch

by: Aminah Khan and Isabella Purdy

Phoebe Minch (‘20) shares her story as one of the few freshmen on the girls’ varsity volleyball team.

When asked on how she felt when she made varsity, Minch said, “I was put in the group to practice with the other girls, and I was really excited because I like to be challenged.”

Despite being on a team comprised of a majority of upperclassmen, Minch was not phased by being one of the youngest players, especially since she has been playing volleyball for a long time.

“When I was like little I started playing soccer, but in middle school  I started to get serious about volleyball, which is why it’s my favorite sport now,” Minch said.

During her middle school years at Shoreline Christian, Minch made the volleyball team and was a captain for her team.  She also played club at Seal Beach, where she was able to practice and further develop her playing skills.

So far, Minch feels that being on the varsity team has been a positive experience.

“The girls are really nice and they were very welcoming when I first joined the team.  It’s kind of weird and different playing with girls where there’s an age difference, like with seniors,” Minch said.

Her position on varsity is an outside hitter, where she gets to stay up in front, where she’s ready for any action that comes her way.

Minch said, “I can tell you that big crowds [during games] help me get all into it and perform better, because I work better under pressure.”

New teachers join the Baron family

french-teacher-ms-breaultby Anju Ito & Suzane Jlelati, Staff Writers & Aminah Khan, Staff Photographer

For the 2016 year, Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) has welcomed six new teachers onto its campus.

The incoming teachers of 2016-2017 school year are of the following: Richere Breault in the Language department, Taylor Stamper in the English department, Jamie Tungyoo in the Science department and Jeff Dunbar, Angela Ferguson-McConnell and Connor King, all in the Special Education Department.

“I was looking for an opportunity to teach closer where I live. I also heard really good things about this school district and the school so it just fit with what I was looking for as a career goal,” said Breault, on her reasons for joining Fountain Valley High School.

As a new French teacher, Breault is teaching French 1 and French 2. Prior to coming to FVHS, she has had six years of teaching experience, two of them from California State University, Long Beach. Breault hopes this school year to be a learning experience for her in the new community and is excited about the students and campus in general.

pathways-teacher-mr-dunbarDunbar, who teaches English and math classes in addition to the special education class, has claimed that FVHS has a warm and friendly environment that Dunbar loves.

“[It’s] just the camaraderie and the family nature here, people seem to love coming here. I’ve already enjoyed my job more than my other ones. It’s a good community here,” said Dunbar.