Phoebe Minch (’20) poses for a quick shot before her Varsity match. Photo by Aminah Khan.

Freshmen of FV: Phoebe Minch

by: Aminah Khan and Isabella Purdy

Phoebe Minch (‘20) shares her story as one of the few freshmen on the girls’ varsity volleyball team.

When asked on how she felt when she made varsity, Minch said, “I was put in the group to practice with the other girls, and I was really excited because I like to be challenged.”

Despite being on a team comprised of a majority of upperclassmen, Minch was not phased by being one of the youngest players, especially since she has been playing volleyball for a long time.

“When I was like little I started playing soccer, but in middle school  I started to get serious about volleyball, which is why it’s my favorite sport now,” Minch said.

During her middle school years at Shoreline Christian, Minch made the volleyball team and was a captain for her team.  She also played club at Seal Beach, where she was able to practice and further develop her playing skills.

So far, Minch feels that being on the varsity team has been a positive experience.

“The girls are really nice and they were very welcoming when I first joined the team.  It’s kind of weird and different playing with girls where there’s an age difference, like with seniors,” Minch said.

Her position on varsity is an outside hitter, where she gets to stay up in front, where she’s ready for any action that comes her way.

Minch said, “I can tell you that big crowds [during games] help me get all into it and perform better, because I work better under pressure.”


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