A missing link to our winter spirit

by: Aminah Khan and Elise Tran

It’s winter time in California! That means winter decorations will be all around you, from grocery stores to shopping malls. However, one place where you won’t be seeing it is the exterior of Fountain Valley High School (FVHS).

The school is heavily decorated for Bell Week, which is the one of the few times FVHS is filled with posters and all-out decorations. So why not decorate the school for winter? While some teachers choose to decorate their classrooms, the popular consensus is that many students at FVHS think that the idea of decorating the school would be a good idea both inside and out.

“I think [decorating the school] would be great, like snowflakes would look nice,” said Tom Hoang (‘20).

The decorations would have to have no affiliation with any religion, because the school cannot force religion onto students and would have to strictly stick to a winter theme for the spirit of the season. But many students believe it would be possible to do so.

Not only would this situation deal with winter, but all the other holidays or seasons such as Thanksgiving and fall or spring that can lift the spirits of students.

While ASB typically puts up decorations around school that ties into one of their events, putting up decorations based on season doesn’t correlate to an ASB event, so ASB is not in charge of it. Josh Lamar, assistant principal of activities and athletics explains that ASB usually covers only school functions.
“If a club wanted to do something, I would be perfectly happy in meeting with them and talking to them about it and seeing if you know, there was a push to do something, we could make that happen,” said Lamar


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